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Uterine Adhesion

Uterineadhesion.com is one of the several digital assets owned by Plan B Wellness Nigeria Limited. This platform is specifically dedicated to finding sustainable and and 100% solutions to all issues concerning adhesions in any part of the female reproductive system.

Plan B Wellness Nigeria Limited is a fully registered and certified natural health research and marketing company based in Lagos, Nigeria.


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Founded in early 2014 (as just an health blog) and still growing, Plan B Wellness got incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in Nigeria in December 2017 in order to widen the scope of our services and to be able to reach and serve more people with good, quality natural health products and services.

We are licensed by the Lagos State Government Traditional Medicine Board as Certified Traditional Medicine Practitioners. 

Everyday, we reignite our passion and commitment to help people live a healthier and more productive live through the use of education and sharing of information on complementary therapies and 100% natural remedies.

herbal Products for adhesion and scar tissue

We research extensively to find the best and often hard to find natural health products, herbs, natural remedies, recipes and diets, to help you achieve good health in the most natural way possible.

When recommending natural health products, herbs and diets, we focus on quality and proven performance where all ingredients used are 100% organic and of the highest quality ONLY!

Through our professional healthcare education division, our many health newsletters, articles and related informational messages and products, we help healthcare professionals, individual consumers, their families and friends make informed choices about their health, especially when it concerns adhesions/scar tissues. 

If you are looking to support your body’s natural healing ability to overcome adhesions/scar tissues challenges, or you are looking for a safe and natural solution to help you heal adhesions/scar tissues; we established this very platform here to educate and empower you to achieve that – so you can enjoy a sound reproductive health, wellness and happiness.

You can click here to see success stories about our natural remedy for adhesions/scar tissues.


Office Address:53, Governor’s Road, Chief R. O. Oyeneyin Plaza, Anisere Bus Stop, Ikotun, Lagos

WhatsApp/SMS/Call: +2348099666658, +2348099666648

Call/SMS Only: +2348099666650

Email: consult@planbwellness.com, consult@uterineadhesion.com 

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